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First we need to verify that only you can manage your account. At CityZeen™ you manage money so we are a transactional platform. We work hard to put in your hands an incredible tool that will help you to manage your assets, your payments, your connections, and your (Identity) exchanges.

We believe that the best banker for you is yourself; you will enjoy having a tool that empowers you. We operate as a Concierge for you; we want you to have time for your friends, your family, your favorite sports or cultural activities… you will experience a new way to get a tailor-made service, meeting your truly personal needs.

We believe that the best banker for you is yourself. You will enjoy having a tool that empowers you, we operate as a Concierge for you, we want that allow your time for your friends, your family, your favorites sports or cultural activities, you will experience a new way to get a tailor-service, giving you truly personal deals. / (+1) 917.725.3236

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You are unique in this world, your Identity is what make vibrant your City

Design who and when other peer or brands can have access to you

From me, my partner, my family, my friends, my city

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My Identity

Because you are an exclusive member, we work to improve your City, to improve the value of your personal data making more profitable for you. As a member you will be delighted to be part of it, sharing your most valuable asset; your identity in a safe, easy, comfortable and profitable way. 

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Who we are at CityZeen Inc.

We are passionate to empower our users, we are designing the tools that people needs to engage


Business Designer + Strategy


Digital City Architect

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The Genome of Cities is people, we believe that we are designing new models of Governance. At CityZeen we want to shape the debate about Privacy, people only can understand something very complex having tools that can teach them why their Identity matters for yourself and your community. We build the best platform because we desire to show you how amazing, unique and valuable can be your thoughts, feelings or decisions to challenge brands, promote yourself or get tailor-made urban services. 

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Our users have unique “ID“ that they use once they exchange P2P, to Corporations or Cities, we do the best to empower you

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ID : 235SD897

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ID : 235SD897

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