Working in two vibrant cou‍‍‍ntries : Canada & U.S.A

Life at CityZeen

Toronto is fantastic, multicultural and always dynamic place to live single, in couple or with your family. At CityZeen we work for the common good—within our organization and with other organizations around the world. We’re designing a new future where personal data can be leveraged to serve Brands (Public or Private); to create well-being, and improve quality of life. There’s a role here for you—whether you're a new grad or have years of experience.

Canada is a high standard of living, is an awesome country for work, whenever you are in the world, we have an opportunity for you. we are based in Toronto but we are playing fast to be in other Cities. If you have the personality to solve problems for our customers. having a team attitude and pushing our innovation boundaries we must have a place for you in our culture.

Next year we are looking forward to be in Montreal and Vancouver but we still eager to expand abroad, we are always looking for vibrant, genius and talented people than can related and work in our culture to deliver amazing experiences for our clients and perform our partnerships.

Designers, developers, mathematicians, engineers, autodidacts, financial experts, data-scientist, business developers, marketing minds, operations support, community managers. we are always looking for exceptional talent.

Come as you are, show us what you can realize, push forward your next step in your career. If you are students or Ph‘D research, please let us know which challenge is keeping you awake, we can empower your career, we are the right step to start.

We deliver products that help people change the world for the better : We build products to empower people-driven analysis of real-world data. We don’t mine data for marketing. We don’t collect data to resell. We don’t build one-off solutions.

We are constantly creating new ways to realize what we’ve imagined : As our company evolves, so will our products and the ways in which they transform how people and organizations interact with ID‘s. There's so much left to build.

Small builders teams, Creativity is welcome :There are no leashes at CityZeen. We work on flat, decentralized teams, each with decision-making authority, and our people have the freedom to approach, own, and solve problems creatively. We've intentionally chosen this path over a traditional hierarchy, and it works much more often than not.

Quality of life, sports, facilities, health, education, security : We are located in one of the top 5 North-America cities. Whatever is your passion, we are sure that you can enjoy living in our city. Toronto is one of the top Tech Hub in the world, so we build our culture offering you advantages, benefits, social activities, and learning opportunities: we believe people are our most important asset, so we invest in our people every day to promote productivity and reduce friction.

If you want to get into the face of important problems and have the ability to solve them, we want to have you in our team. We have some resources to help you navigate the hiring process.  Engineers build to solve proble‍‍‍ms, but at CityZeen you don’t have to be a computer scientist to be an engineer. You do have to speak up when things aren't right and build to fix what's broken. 

Engineering Culture

Getting hired

We like to know you, we want to know if you fit to our culture and we want to see if our culture will take you to the next step in your career. We want to solve real problems so we want brilliant ideas, be focused driving several missions by year and adapting the company to fit needs market, nothing is permanent.  Software is always changing ... so we want to hear from you. We will update soon the hired process by steps and positions.

If you want to apply, give a call to schedule our first Video-meeting. We like to hear candidates looking forward to solve problems. 

Many positions are open. Give us a call for applications +1 415 694 0324 or send us an e-mail at

San Francisco, USA

We just started this summer operations in Silicon Valley. We are located in downtown. We are here because we are always looking for three key drivers: Talent, capital and customers. If you feel that our mission is exciting for you, please send us an email or call, we would glad to hearing from yo.  

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