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anothe‍‍‍r App !

The times of expecting only so much in terms of value from your city are over. At CityZeen, we empower you to co-design and define the services and infrastructure your family or colleagues need.


No need for passwords, emails or login to social media. You are the only one who can disclose your data and login.

Your mobile becomes the most valuable and unique channel, helping you identify yourself and exchange with your City. Our decentralised platform is a unique, fully-dedicated channel to exchange with City operations.‍‍‍

As an exclusive member, we work with you to improve your City, and to improve the value of your personal data, increasing its profit for you. It's a delight to be part of it, sharing your most valuable asset: your identity, in a safe, easy, comfortable and profitable way. / +1 718 514 9539 ‍‍‍

Welcome to CityZeen

Check out what other users or friends are solving, and get tailor-made services from your City. After you fill it out once, it learns for‍‍‍ ‍‍‍your future actions.

Polls, surveys, public decisions: now you can handle ‍‍‍all these with one service, without numerous emails or boring questions. You are unique in this world; your Identity is what makes your City vibrant!

Data is a currency, but you've never had the chance to capture that value. Mobile payment transactions are now possible‍‍‍.

Until today, Cities have only seen you in terms of taxes, penalties and complicated Identification processes or inadequate KYC (Know your customer). CityZeen redesigns that relationship.

CityZeen gives you the power to co-deisgn by projects your City. It Simplifies, speed and secure funding initiatives to‍‍‍ solve urban planning for you and your family.  

A City to serve you.
Join us ...

Funding process comes from residents & corporations CityZeen connects projects & residents through a Blockchain system

Residents design ‍‍‍projects

Urban planning execute

The Genome of cities is people; we believe that we are designing new models of Governance. At CityZeen, we aim to shape the debate about privacy. People can only understand something so complex, using a tool that clarifies why their Identity matters for yourself and your community.

We are building the best possible platform to demonstrate how amazing, unique and valuable can be your thoughts, feelings or decisions, in terms of challenging procurement and voting, to improve City operations, and to receive tailor-made urban services.

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Do you want to get residents involve in your decision-making?

Do you work with urban planning & economic departments?  

Do you want optimize and allocate better resources to your assets?

Please request a presentation at:

+1 718‍‍‍ 514 9539

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The 5th Utility

Census-I.D using A.I‍‍‍

Wallet - Payme‍‍‍nt‍‍‍s - Signature-ID

Voting - Sharing - Incentives

City Partner

Urban-Planning on Blockchain

As a citizen, your Identity is extremely valuable to help design all City services.. Through CityZeen, you can get tailor-made services in exchange for opting in to share some personal information.

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City department‍‍‍s are designing new services:
mobility, streetlights, the econo‍‍‍mic department.
They use Cityzeen to exchange with our hero:

Jonatha‍‍‍n Kilpatrick

‍‍‍‍‍‍Book jonathan today‍‍‍

A virtual City on top of the physical,‍‍‍ for people

City Departments can now engage with their residents' ID to provide the services they need

Jonathan pays his taxes, fees and sometimes penalties. Jonathan would love to meet City departments for his own family's needs. That's why he uses CityZeen (Mobile Identity).

Jonathan trades his personal information; like him, other thousands can do the same to make their City a better place. For the City it's a treasure to count on its brave residents !

Here is Jonathan in San Francisco:

San Francisco

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